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Business coaching for entrepreneurs

I recently left the venture capital world to set up a business coaching practice and wrote the following piece for a venture capital related publication. Pasting it below, and would love to get the forum’s thoughts on how they perceive the value of coaching. From Venture Capitalist to Business Coach After several years of working with […]

CC is Evil

Well not all, but some of it definitely is. To know why we say that, lets dig into why we CC people on emails in the first place:   1) The “You must know this CC” – There is nothing wrong with this one. Example: I direct a question to someone in the To list, and […]

Indian Entrepreneur Mindset

Indian entrepreneurs typically think innovation means invention or product innovation… But, to be a successful grocery store owner also, you need to innovate enough… thanks Pradyot Innovation Engineering Innovation Engineering Forum

Exciting Companies Lined Up For Microsoft Startup Grant Finals

During today’s roundtable, we had four Microsoft BizSpark Startup India Challenge grant finalists present. Two of them, Freshdesk and Bizosys (10Screens), are 1M/1M premium members, and we have already been working on their strategies for a few weeks. Freshdesk First, Girish Mathrubootham from Chennai, India, pitched Freshdesk, a SaaS company that provides small and medium […]

What makes a valuable company?

Great article on what creates a valuable company – while the article is rooted in a discussion around “revenue multiples”, the key characteristics it outlines seem generally true for valuable companies. Summary: 1. Sustainable competitive advantage 2. Network effects 3. Revenue visibility 4. Customer lock-in 5. Gross Margins 6. Marginal profitability/ Profit scalability 7. Customer […]