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1M/1M Strategy Roundtable: Do Not Spray And Pray

At today’s roundtable, we had three niche e-commerce entrepreneurs and two e-commerce infrastructure entrepreneurs. I will describe their businesses briefly, below. You can vote on which one you like most by clicking on our Facebook page. If you missed the session, please listen to the recording before voting.  First up was Brad Barrett presenting GrillGrate, […]

Roar of the Cloud

Among a close group of friends in the Paas, SaaS and IaaS sector in India and a few members from the VC community, we have been talking for sometime about the need to come together to discover and support innovators working on new SaaS products/services. The challenge really is to democratize development and support the […]

UnPluGGD Nomination – Call for Startups.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am glad to share that has announced the second edition of UnPluggd (Startup Event) in Bangalore on the 30th of October 2010. The first edition was phenomenally successful (do take a look at the videos) and the event is back with a big bang. This time, the event will have […]

Microfinance — about Social and Profit Agenda

There has been a swelling debate around the original intent of microfinance organizations centered around social good, and the recent “commercialization” of the model as evident in private fund raising, and promoters and PE funds making windfall gains in public markets. The article here by Elisabeth Rhyne seems to advance a great argument for the […]

Fifteen steps to an Innovation Economy

Developed by New York Academy of Sciences, The Yaroslavl Roadmap 10-15-20 describes the innovation policies, successes, and challenges of four countries—Israel, Finland, India, and the U.S.—and Taiwan Province, China. Based on analyses of how those regions developed innovation economies, and on a study of the current state of Russia’s economy compared to the priorities of […]

NEN Program for Women Entrepreneurs

Here is an announcement from National Entrepreneurship Network. Please feel free to write to the below mentioned email Are you a woman entrepreneur who dreams big or do you know of one? If so, this is for you! It is a known fact that most young companies die in the first 4-5 years of their […]