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Hemu Ramaiah – Story of an Indian Retail Pioneer

At Venture Intelligence, we recently had a great experience interviewing Hemu Ramaiah, founder of the Landmark bookstore chain (in which the Tatas acquired a majority stake in 2005). For me, the interview (which is part our Entrepreneur Podcast series “Entrevista”) served as a confirmation that a customer facing role is the best start to an […]

India to gain in PE investments?

A Coller Capital report suggests that India and China might be net beneficiaries of the degradation in PE returns in developed markets. It predicts that PE investments in India and China will continue to climb despite higher risk. Key question: will it happen just in growth investing, or also in venture capital?

NASSCOM EMERGE 50….emerge a winner!

It is publicity (of the right variety) that creates winners. Of course not to suggest even for a minute that substance is secondary. It isn’t. If anything, it will always remain the primary reason, that will differentiate the winners from “also-rans.”  But, as they say even Eagles need a push! The IT industry is not […]