IIM Ahmedabad Finance Conclave 2010

The Centre for Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship (CIIE), Beta –The Finance Club of IIM Ahmedabad and Leverage – The Private Equity andVenture Capital Club of IIM Ahmedabad bring to you the IIMA Finance Conclave2010 on the 8th – 9th January 2010.The central theme of this year’s conclave is “Challenging the New Normal”and it promises to enrich the participants with over the two days throughspeaker sessions, panel discussion and workshops. The conclave will try toevaluate the “New Normal” as it evolves in the wake of the crisis, what arethe forces that will shape it, and what are the strategies for survival.Participation is open to both students and corporate houses.The first day carries the sub-theme of “A New World Order”, and will addressquestions pertaining to a New Regime of Regulations, Consolidation activityand Inclusive Growth that will in essence shape a New Economic Order postthe crisis. The conclave will try to answer these questions by establishinga platform for discussion over expert opinions from different sectors ofindustry.The second day of the conclave will look at “The Elusive 10% mark”,and professionalswith vast industry experience will get together to discuss if, and how,India can reach this magic figure. The discussion will also look at theupcoming sectors that offer the best growth opportunities.The highlight of the conclave is “Empresario-The B-Plan showcase”, whichwill present a unique opportunity for 9 teams of budding entrepreneurs,shortlisted from a pool of entries to interact with the VC and PE firms. Theentrepreneurs would not only get a golden chance to get seed funding fromthe potential investors, but also the opportunity to be incubated at theCIIE. This event will be held behind closed doors.The speakers for the event will include eminent personalities like Mr.Nikhil Khatau of Mayfiled advisors, Mr. Sunil Kolangara of UTI ventures, Mr.Sasha Mirchandani of BlueRun Ventures, Mr. Rajeev Mantri  of Navam Capitaland Mr. Rahul Patwardhan of Indiaco Ventures  amongst others.For more details contact me at 9724961162 or email finance.conclave@iimahd.ernet.in

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  1. Krish says:

    Thanks for editing the post on the lines of misgivings expressed in my comment above. Now it reads a little better even as I wonder why the fact of having edited the post has not been acknowledged by the author.

  2. Krish says:

    I am a little confused about what to make of the *New Normal* here.

    If the New Normal is construed as the shape of the global economies in a post meltdown world, then I guess those precious hours/resources are better spent figuring out ways to *wade thro* it and not in “challenging” it.

    Or am I missing something here, given that the event is scheduled at a premier B-school (that breeds the likely architects of the next bubble/crisis)? They must be seriously concerned where to apply their knowledge (read- `how to get by’) in a world that is suddenly purged of CDO, CLO, CDS and other exotic alphabet soup. Perhaps they more than anybody else know that the human memory is short and the world is in no hurry to get “back to basics” and if that is the New Normal they configure, then yes it indeed needs to be challenged, in perpetuation of their own interest of course!!!

  3. i am interested to attend this event can you please let me know the charges and procedure for the same.


    Prashant Choksey

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