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Sharad Sharma joins Canaan as EIR

We are very pleased to bring Sharad Sharma as EIR (Entrepreneur in Residence) at Canaan. We have had a long standing relationship with Sharad, and share common interest in cloud computing as a disruptive area of growth. Over the next few months, Sharad with work with the Canaan team to identify an opportunity that he […]

Alternative Startup Financing Schemes

I’ve seen a number of posts lately discussing the ‘changing face of venture capital’. Paul Graham talks about the change in dynamics caused by the low capital requirements of technology startups. Fred Wilson discusses the need for a market for privately held common stock. There seems to be a general consensus about the growing role […] Pune – Check out the Bootcamp! has just announced its Pune event on 25th July. Its a one day event, with the first part featuring prominent speakers such as the likes of Bharat Goenka of Tally and Pravin Gandhi of SeedFund. The second part has promised to be an “Oscar like event” showcasing 20 “mindblowing” technology startups. What got me […]

Changing face of VC

Venturebeat has a great summary on whats happening in the venture capital world. While the specific conversation is focused around US, some of the aspects have relevance in other markets like India. From new deal structures, building profitability versus value (when there is a tradeoff), virtualization as a macro trend, kids as a market, evolution […]

Internet startup on a shoestring

Time has an interesting article highlighting that in the US, startups are being built for under $10,000. As several people compare the differences between the previous dotcom bust and this one, I think this is a key element – its much cheaper to do internet startups (of a certain kind), and this could be a […]