Free To Innovate

I have been talking to lots of entrepreneurs about various business models to support innovation, especially in industries from which VCs are pulling out (Security, Networking, Chips, Enterprise Software, etc.). This article looks at a business model that offers an alternative framework to support innovation. Read my latest Forbes column, Free to Innovate, and the corresponding interview with Accidental Entrepreneur Paul Kocher.

I believe, ths gap that is opening up in segments from which VCs are pulling out are excellent opportunities for Indian entrepreneurs to build self-funded companies in.

2 Responses to “Free To Innovate”

  1. Virat Khutal says:

    I would like to add few words on my previous para. It is for Alok and other investors. You ask for business presentation. That is good. Can you ask for 3 major failure case study in the presentation. It would generate more platform for discussion and learning. I am not talking about risk to ventures. I am talking about completely failed companies. Those companies which had bright presentation, brilliant so called teams. Why they failed in tht field or close by field. This would actually make a better business plan.

    writing big about google wo’nt help. writing small about large failure will help more. what you people think?

  2. Virat Khutal says:

    I find one contradictions, which is not discussed in any seminar or publications. What happens when you start loosing through innovation? innovation complication, business perspective of innovation. We all are happy talking big and success. We should also talk about process of failure.
    Please talk about 100 failed innovation then discuss one success story. It would generate more innovative world.

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