Introducing – Startup Ecosystem

Reaching out to Venturewoods community to share an update from

Am glad to introduce the Indian startup ecosystem – a neutral entity that serves as a platform for startups to connect to other startups/VCs/entrepreneurs etc.

We launched the startup directory around 5 months back and based on the feedback we received from users , we have revamped the entire site with the following:

Like any new launch, we are in the initial phases (theta mode!) and in the process of adding more data (more UGC, less editorial).

What we are essentially trying to do is to be the platform that connect startups across the country to help and benefit from each other – for instance, startups can share their updates/new launches, share resources (like office space) etc.

Request Venturewoods community to give the ecosystem a spin and share their feedback/comments.

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  1. gregorylent says:

    i love what you are trying to do, and want to take it wider, to the pan-asian ecosystem … i attended and and want to bring such an event to india (where i have been living the last dozen years) … any thoughts?

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