Canaan led $6MN investment round in UnitedLex

I am happy to share that we have led an investment round of $6MN in UnitedLex with Helion. UnitedLex is a legal consulting and outsourcing firm. Sahad has covered some numbers on broad KPO market in his posts.

Since last 12-18 months, we came across many companies in the broad KPO market – Legal Outsourcing, Financial Analytics, Market Research etc. We believe that ability to scale and sustain growth will become a key success factor in the KPO space. While on sales side, one needs a good sales engine which can close deals in the competitive and fragmented US market. W.r.t delivery, you need ability to drive efficiency by bringing more and more processes on a technology platform. UnitedLex has been able to excel both on sales and delivery front and we hope to help build this into a big business.


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  1. ajay sharma says:

    Adarsh and all
    can you please enlighten me what are the growth plans ,expansion plans and hiring plans for Unitedlex

  2. Adarsh Nair says:

    I have been fortunate to be a part with UnitedLex in their contracts & sourcing team almost from inception and can vouch that this is a dream company – a company built on dreams that materialized with hardwork and commitment from everyone involved. The founders started off witha vision that still goes on. UnitedLex, like any other start-up matured over time, but the unrendering attention to detail, commitment to clients and focus on customer delight made all the difference and it has truly emerged as the industry leader and a company with a difference that excels in any field they undertake. Great Going – ULx and all those involved who made this dream come true.

  3. Raja says:


    iYogi is Internet based service company like naukri or monster. they are not traditional software services biz.

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