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I would like to introduce the Venturewoods community to is a product discovery and research tool for consumer electronics powered by online expert reviews. Essentially, we analyze expert reviews to figure out what aspect/part of the product is the reviewer rating good or bad. We then use this information to create simple yet […]

Awards & Benefits | TiE Canaan Challenge

When we conceptualized this program; we started with the view that we should design awards, which can help companies to grow and achieve their next milestones. It can be funding, opening doors to customers, channel development, skill development in various functions and mentoring. This year awards are an effort in that direction. 1. Microsoft Award: […]

Bootstrap Yourself!

My new Forbes column Bootstrap Yourself highlights Silicon Valley’s hottest new trend, Bootstrapping. Indian entrepreneurs, you need to embrace this trend, given that the early stage venture capital industry doesn’t quite have its act together yet. Great bootstrapping case studies I have covered are Sridhar Vembu, Frank Levinson and Jerry Rawls, Cree Lawson, and Beatrice […]

The European Web Community Stands up.

Seems like we are not the only set of folks who are wanting to fix the problems we see around us and build a “sustainable” atmosphere around us. There is a post by Ryan who runs FOWA taking a stance against the Web Mission effort that is getting organized by the UK Government and quite […]

A New Kind of Incubation Model. Part III

Ever since the journey with started, about two years ago, I can safely say that I’ve sifted through atleast 300+ company profiles. I’ll hit you with the bad news first: Most of them are hopeless. They are half-baked solutions. They probably are great hobby projects and shouldn’t even allowed to be classified as a […]

Fostering Innovation in India

Even after all these years of the so-called IT revolution, India is still struggling for a business/company that has created intellectual capital and has thus created a true enterprise with roots in research and development. I think its about time to take stock and figure out why. No one would dispute that India has all […]

Project Management tools for SMB IT services firms

Project Management is the life for IT services firms. Without strong project management processes and good enterprise project management tools, delivery will suffer. I have seen that major outsourcing firms such as TCS, Infosys, CTS and others have their internal project management tools to manage delivery. However for smaller IT services firms (75-150 ppl) developing […]