17M advanced users, growing at 2.5M a year

A friend of mine who is the founder and CEO of a major Indian internet group estimates that in India there are 15M internet users, beyond email, who log in every week, and this is growing at about 2.5M a year. Plus add another 2M NRIs. This is the relevant Indian market for all non email applications like social networking, jobs, matrimonial, shopping, blogging, search, travel, etc.

What do you feel? Good enough or too small?

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  1. Vish says:

    Nothing wrong with a mba term per se. But applying a typical mba school mindset to the internet landscape where things change every 6 mts (and nobody know what the changes are going to be) is where I have my reservations.

    The Hype machine (of saying there are 20M internet users, etc) if there is one will sooner or later unravel.

    I look at the internet scenario around us and think that we need to (and things are maybe happening) focus on growing and creating markets rather than creating a b. plan saying there are 10M users.

    This applies to both entrepreneurs and VCs. We need a paradigm shift in the ‘traditional’ mindset here and take a leap of faith. Somebody out there is gonna do so. And damn the numbers. Because it is still a blue ocean out there. Or is it the Wild Wild West ? ;-) . take your pick.

    I think i will go and get my coffee now…

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