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Export Import Business Online-Business Idea

 Logistics is big business.And freight forwarding (export -import) contributes significantly to logistics business. Having worked with Air India Ltd at its Cargo SBU, I wonder whether are there any companies in world which facilitates export and import business online.This business can be classified into 2-3 ways.First is via air or sea.Second is big shipments (in tons) […]

Acquisition of an online bus booking site

If anyone wants to dilute majority stake in a revenue earning online bus booking site please get in touch .Acquirer wants the target entrepreneur to continue run the business.Acquirer has other bigger plans to club bus booking with airline tickets and prepaid mode of selling. 0

Give me an idea and I will make you POOR

Standard and Poor says America is getting POOR. Economists ,capitalists,governments and people are discussing the fallout of such a situation. But what does it mean for an entrepreneur.In case somebody has misssed recent article by Jug Suraiya in TOI ,here it is .Wherein the associate writer mentions that in this knowledge economy ,US started producing everying […]

Cash,Visa,mobile or prepaid who will win

With reference to the growth of e-com in India ,now digital money is growing at the cost of liquid cash.This digital money could be a credit card (if it is credit card ,than all chances of it being visa) or a mobile cash.But even mobile transcactions are taking place thru credit cards.In India we do not see real mobile cash like the […]