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Kaval Kaur on Entrepreneurship Part-1 and Part-2

Kaval Kaur is a co-founder of SUFI, an incubator and angel investment company with offices in the USA and India. Kaval and her husband Jasveer co-founded Virsa, which was later acquired by SAP for a few hundred million dollars. Virsa is part of SAP’s Governance, Risk and Compliance business unit. I caught up with Kaval […]

Anu Shukla on Entrepreneurship

Anu Shukla is a serial entrepreneur who is currently busy with MyOfferPal, her third start-up, now in stealth mode (it recently received VC funding). At the recent TiECon 2007 in Silicon Valley, Anu introduced and moderated the session with Meg Whitman, head of eBay. I caught up with Anu afterward to talk about entrepreneurship, a […]

Raj Jaswa on Entrepreneurship

I am doing a series of interviews with entrepreneurs, VCS and technologists on entrepreneurship and this interview with Raj Jaswa is part of that series. Raj Jaswa, is President of the The Indus Entrepreneurs, Silicon Valley. I was curious to find out about the early days in Silicon Valley (the late 1980s and early 1990s) […]