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Startups – how do you choose your people?

How are startups hiring people in India? What matters – Education, Background, Aptitude… Last few months at Vaatsalya, we have assessed ourselves on how well we have done on our people front. First off a few things about our business which will put this in context, a. All our hospitals are in non-metro areas (semi-urban […]

Startup Mentoring Network

Anyone aware of a startup mentoring network in India. Not a traditional incubation type of setup, but a place where startups can identify mentors who might be able to guide on various issues. Maybe Venturewoods can take the lead here? Ashwin ( 0

Pitching your business

In the process of creating a pitch for our company, i ended up checking out some great pitches on the net. Enjoy! Watch Dick Hardt deliver a superb pitch on Identity 2.0 at OSCON. The presentation style is based on Lawrence Lessigs lecture on “Who owns culture”, which is a masterpiece! Also check out Rajesh […]

Micro Venture Capital Fund

A venture capital fund with a difference. Quite removed from the world of IT start-ups, Aavishkaar India Micro Venture Capital Fund or Aavishkaar India concerns itself with rural enterprises and grassroots innovations that have the potential to improve the quality of life in the interiors of the country. It hopes to do so by encouraging […]

Commandments & VCs

On this blog and a few others, i see a flurry of activity by VCs putting out commandments for wannabe entrepreneurs. Particularly, any thing which has the word “commandment” (ten commandments for entrepreneurs) or “not to” (how not to write a business plan) is sure to ignite my interest. I read, learn and try to […]