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Startups , Students and Universities !

One of the biggest constraints faced by a startup is access to cheap & quality manpower. Though you can get experienced techies to lead or manage your projects ( Thanks to ESOPS & the startup bug – a lot of experienced hands are willing to associate with bootstrapped startups) . But the real problem is […]

Is location a constraint for start ups ?

More than a year ago there was a post on contentsutra and an article on Live mint on the same subject. Both the articles covered few startups, in cities like Nagpur & Trivandrum ( Including my earlier startup) and echoed the opinion that its not the location that matter but the product & the people […]

Ever dreamt about managing failures!

Have a dream, believe in it & work towards it and it will happen, well this is the mantra we all chant in our mind while we initiate our journey to pursue our ambitions.But have any one of you ever thought , how you will manage the situation if things won’t happen as we dreamt. […]