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The tipping point

I have recently started taking workout any seriously. Every evening I go to bed thinking that I will stick to my workout goals and will workout with complete sincerity and dedication. However, morning always brings with itself an almost debilitating feeling of laziness, doubt and the usual lack of conviction – why do I need […]

Everyone is a salesperson

No matter how great the product is, the importance of a solid sales function cannot be undermined. If you do not agree with this statement, perhaps the rest of the write-up will not resonate or make sense and you are better off saving a couple of minutes by not proceeding further. If you are a […]

Startup Marathon Mindset

Startups are a glorified vocation. Much like a Marathon, the glory sits at the finish line. Much like a Marathon, only the runner knows the pain and uncertainty in reaching that finish line. I have talked to many of my startup friends about the everyday struggles and stress in a startup – almost wondering at […]

How To Use Social Media To Pitch Investors

How can entrepreneurs use social media to pitch investors? Social media has become an incredibly powerful tool for all types of uses. It has made and broken brands with consumers, changed politics, created movements, become an instant news source and has evolved into a chief community and shopping hub. It’s also been responsible for years of […]

Bootstrap to Exit

Over the last decade and more, I’ve had the privilege of working with a large number of bootstrapped entrepreneurs. These include self-financed companies and also modestly capitalized startups that operate in a capital-efficient manner applying the principles of bootstrapping. [You can review my Bootstrapping course on LinkedIn to review these.] For our Seed Capital series of podcasts and blog […]

What’s your Customer Culture?

Last week, I was booking a hotel through a large global booking platform – there was an error on their site due to which an incorrect booking happened. What happened next was surprising – customer service denied that there could have been an error on the site, and refused to help. They claimed that they […]

30 Fundraising Terms Entrepreneurs Need To Know

Ready to begin fundraising for your startup? Make sure you know these terms first. Don’t blow all your hard work and potential by completely flopping on basic startup fundraising terminology. Know these words and lingo so you can pitch and walk into investor meetings sounding like a pro who has done their homework. In simple […]

8 Keys to Building a Vertical SaaS Business

Mr. Vaibhav Agrawal from Lightspeed India Partners shares his thoughts on building SaaS business. Written by Vaibhav Agrawal and Dev Khare At Lightspeed, we are fortunate to partner with Innovaccer, a leading player in healthcare software, and look forward to working closely as it marches towards a grand vision. The company has just completed a Series […]

What Entrepreneurs need to know about Angel Tax

Angel Tax (referring to provisions under section 56 of Income Tax Act) has been a point of much debate and confusion over past few days. While technical explanations abound, here’s a quick explanation of what it is, and what entrepreneurs need to do to stay clear. Why, in first place…? These provisions were introduced in […]