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Though-Provoking Radio programs

We have radio stations like NPR (National Public Radio) in the USA that produces and distributes thought-provoking programs related to current affairs. It engages in meaningful debates on all current topics. I always found that station to be most used by folks driving to work (Average of 40 minutes of drive time for any commuter). It provides intellectually-stimulating discussions for the civilized world.

I have been wondering why we do not have such channels in the cities of India. Is there a cost barrier to this? Are there any infrastructural limitations? I can see a burgeoning mid-class market for such a program. A typical car-owner in the country today spends a lot of time in traffic. This will be such a meaningful use of the time. While music and other chirpy FM talk-shows provide some entertainment, I think a channel like NPR will go along way in serving the market needs of the current advanced Indian.

I would certainly like to hear your thoughts on this. I am sure there would be some hurdles (if not, we should have had this type of channel on the air long ago)