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Virtual exhibition time!

Just to tell all those who are interested that I’ll be launching an exhibition of my analog and digital art in the virtual world of Second Life. The exhibition launches on 21 July, and goes on for a month. It is being hosted by the Second Life library on Info Island.

All those who are interested in checking it out, I’m attaching a Facebook link to the event (read the previous post, yeah Facebook rocks). Here’s the event link (you’ll need a FaceBook account for this)

All those who are Second Life residents, please check out ‘Picks’ in my profile, there’s a teleport link directly to the exhibition. The launch event is at 7 PM SLT (Second Life Time) which would be about 8AM on a Sunday morning, so I’m not expecting too many people from this side of the world, but the exhibition itself is on for a month.

Anyone having trouble locating it, please send me an IM and I’ll send you the package- TP link, invite, artist’s profile etc…

For all those who are not on or don’t want to join Second Life, I’ve uploaded photos on Facebook as well. Please check out this direct link to the photo album.

Next Second Life Tour 5 PM May 11

Well, the first tour was, um, interesting. Hadn’t really prepared an itenerary, so the people who came had to drift around aimlessly for a bit. My bad 🙂

This time around, there are a few interesting places we’ll be visiting, as well as a couple of necessary preliminaries.

We’ll begin with a (very) brief orientation session, where I will give basic tips on how to go about things. I found this necessary from previous experiences, since we will be needing to do some things as a group, and Sl is not very easy on neophytes. Once all of us get the hang of how to move around and interact with objects and media, we can begin exploring. Even so, since I don’t expect everyone to come in exactly on time, I will be putting all this info on a notecard for easy reference. We’ll do this at the VR1 office.

We start with the International Spaceflight Museum (one of my favourites) where there are life-size replicas of every space-going vehicle made by man so far. I think you’ll be interested in seeing where India stands here. I was! Also, this Museum has opened it’s second wing, called Spaceflight Bravo, which should hopefully have events on as well. Lots of things to explore here!

Next, we move to a somewhat more informal area, called the Freebie Warehouse, which has so much free stuff that I keep going back! There is just something to picking up free things, and I want to include this as a demonstration of just how many’freebies’ there are here! Believe me, you can spend days just trying out all the stuff available here, whether it’s clothes, animals, cars, houses,animations, gestures, poses, gizmos, scripts and what have you. We can then sit in the adjoining ‘sandbox’ which is an open area where I can show you how to unpack and try on all your goodies!

After that, come the IBM islands, (which may be deserted at the time we go) which I feel is a good example of a truly large-scale ‘corporate’ build. IBM have 24 islands in Second Life, where people have experimented with all sorts of things. Mainly, I just want to go there because it is an interesting example of how people can use 3D spaces interestingly.

Hmm…this may be enough for more than an hour’s exploring in itself! Next place to go to is the Alliance Second Life Library on info Island. They have a LOT of facts on Second Life, and it is possible to pick up interesting information there. Don’t think this will be a long visit, though they do have a number of very interesting experimental spaces there as well.

I think it should end with a party, and here’s where we have a huge choice of place to go. We could head to Anjuna beach, or the Bollywood club, or any one of a dozen places where parties and hangouts happen in SL all the time! If we want live music, we could go to Dublin or Amsterdam. Hmm…I think we should figure it out as we go along from there…by this time, anyone who’s still around would have picked up on the basics enough to do a little exploring on their own as well…

What to do is (assuming you have an SL account) to send me an IM asking me to teleport you to wherever we are, and we’ll take it from there! Or, just reply to this post if you have any doubts as to how to get on.

Second Life tour

On Friday, 27 April 2007 5 PM, I will be conducting a small tour of interesting places to go and things to do in the virtual world of Second Life, for anyone who is interested. In case you are a member, please IM me and I’ll send you a TP link.

To those who have not registered but are interested, please go to and click on the big orange ‘Join Now’ button on the upper left. This will take you through a number of basic steps in choosing your avatar name and basic appearance, as well as asking you to download the 30 MB client/browser through which you will interact with the world.

Once you’re in Second Life, please click on the ‘search’ button on the bottom center of your browser, and enter ‘Rowl Electricteeth’ in there, which will bring up a small window giving you my profile. On that, there is a button marked ‘Send IM’ which sends messages directly to me wherever I am, just click and ask me to teleport you. I can then send you a teleport link, which is basically a popup window that offers to bring you instantly to my location. Once we catch up, I can explain the basics of navigation and usage of both the browser and the world.

We will be visiting commercial, educational and entertainment-based spaces, as well as things like art galleries, museums and clubs. We can end the evening with an informal get-together at the AT island lounge (ATGS is one of our development collaborators) or even in virtual Amsterdam or Dublin, maybe catch a live music performance.

New life, anyone?

Hello. I’m brand new here. Just met Alok in Second Life, and we got to discussing the different ways people and businesses can interact there.
Second Life, for the uninitiated, is a three-dimensional virtual world where users can fly, shop with virtual money, set up offices and educational institutions, and a whole lot more. It has faced incredible growth since the last quarter of 2006, something like 30% a month. Why is this so?
Basically, millions of people are finding out that a 2-D interface is just clunky. Especially when it comes to many people interacting simultaneously. The potential for E-learning alone is almost infinite.
My question here is…are there any people interested in exploring the potential for virtual worlds like Second Life in real-world business and education? Would anyone be open to a seminar which discusses all these issues?
An interesting tidbit…if you look at the Internet itself in the 90’s, the parallels are exciting. 30% growth per month, couple million USD being spent every day in transactions, the potential to meet and make friends from anywhere in the world, the business opportunities available to anyone with a little bit of foresight…now, how many of you saw the Internet grow from a tiny obscure little entity to the way of life it is today? And if someone told you that this is the future of interaction, of business, of education, would you believe them?
Let’s talk about it 🙂 Cheers.