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“Something is wrong in Venture Capital”

An interesting presentation from Adeo Ressi, founder of TheFunded: TheFunded – Canarie I’m not sure this is specific to the VC industry – the same thing happens in PE, hedge funds and other managed asset sectors. Money goes to those who don’t need it. How much of this is relevant to India? I don’t mean […]

Booths in Large Conferences

This is a comment I posted here, and have converted this into a post by itself (Thanks, Alok!) While this may be irrelevant to some of you, this is a set of my thoughts on hiring a conference booth. In the past I’ve done the rounds of tented events, all of them named IT.COM in […]

Just 85 lakh internet subscribers?

A TRAI report (17 April, 2007) contains statistics on Internet “subscribers”: 85.47 lakh in number. Of this, the total number of broadband subscribers are 20.54 lakh as of 31 December 2006. That would probably comprise cyber cafes, home users and some SMEs. Alarmingly low, I think, though the quarterly growth rate of 13% might be […]