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Call For Tech Startups To Demo @UnPluggd Event [Application Deadline:June 26th]

Grab an opportunity to demo your product at UnPluggd, India’s largest startup event that brings together amazing entrepreneurs, active angel investors and a bunch of ‘unpluggd’ stories (of failure, rejection and success!). 

The event is scheduled for July 9th (Bangalore/details here) and last date to apply for the demo slot is June 26th (link to the application form).

– Once we receive your application, the panel (includes VCs/angel investors) will select the 10 most promising startups (we will share updates by June 30th).

– For those who want to attend the event, you need to block your seat asap {link}

Why Demo @UnPluggd?

Startups who demoed at the last event (in the last edition, 10 were selected from 250 nominations received) received great feedback/interest from angel investors/VCs/entrepreneurial community and the event helped them in refining the pitch.

Below are a few testimonials from companies who demoed their product at the last event:

“Looking back presenting at Unpluggd added credibility to our venture. We also got to meet investors both at the event and afterwards. The last mail I got was last week, well after 7 months of the event. As a bonus it did help us refine our pitch to the external world. For getting the word out about your venture, this is one of the best places to be.- Sunil Guttula, Founder of Bizosys (demoed @UnPluggd)


Startups need to be in touch with customers very early on. Startups need a lot of marketing going right for them – from the very start. Unpluggd is a forum that gives both to startups – for free. We met several of our users and customers there. We also met many other angels and investors – with whom we’ve had continuous engagement since. – Bharat Mohan, Founder of Dhiti (demoed@UnPluggd2).


Run by a passionate team, Unpluggd places the startup in the centre of things, and steers clear of the “formula” platitudes, felicitations and speeches that derail many events in India. – Lux (demoed @UnPluggd2).
More here:

Introducing PowerPlug–The Monthly Contest For Indian Technology Entrepreneurs

I am super excited to introduce the PowerPlug contest, a unique contest targeted towards early stage startups in India.

With PowerPlug contest, we wanted to bring out (and recognize) amazing Indian technology startups on a continuous basis. That is, go deep inside the rice fields & animal sheds of the startup farms.

As part of The PowerPlug of the month, entrepreneurs will share their startup details with team (application form) and Pi will select one entrepreneur every month as the contest winner. The winner gets a brand new Apple iPad2 and also gets an opportunity to meet Sequoia Capital team members (gets an opportunity to spend half-day with them and get feedback/mentorship on his/her business plan).

The contest was started in the month of March 2011 and here are the winners (so far):

March Month: VisualWebsiteOptimizer: The NCR based startup has developed an A/B testing utility and has bagged prestigious clients like 4sq, Groupon as customers and surprisingly, it’s only a 3-member team.

April Month: Onze: This Bangalore based startup has built a niche business in LBS space and bagged deals with retailers delivering a useful service to them.

For the month of May, we have introduced a concept of theme, i.e. startups who fall under the monthly theme can only be considered eligible for the monthly contest.

And May month theme is ‘Consumer Internet’ startups.

Last Date to Apply : May 22nd, 2011.

How Do I Apply? : Use this link to apply for PowerPlug Contest.

Apart from the tangible goodies, you also get the bragging rights (plus media interviews/coverage and of course, customer interest and investors calls !). So if you are a consumer Internet startup, this is your chance to be the PowerPlug of the month.

Any questions/clarifications, do let me know.

Deadlines – UnPluGGd Nomination and Attendee Registration

UnPluggd is scheduled for October 30th (Bangalore) and we will bring India’s most promising technology startups to the stage.

But beyond that, the event will also bring in some of the most inspiring talks from entrepreneurs who have successfully managed to build a great technology business from India (for reference, take a look at the last event videos).

Dropping a quick note to share that that nomination deadline(link) is October 7th and if you are a tech startup, you cannot let go of this opportunity to demo your product in front of India’s VC/angel investos/early adopter community.

For those who are planning to attend the event, we have an early bird offer (use the coupon ‘EARLYBIRD’) which ends October 10th. Use this link to grab your tickets right away (use this link).

For any clarification/information, please get in touch [ashish at or pratyush at].

UnPluGGD Nomination – Call for Startups.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am glad to share that has announced the second edition of UnPluggd (Startup Event) in Bangalore on the 30th of October 2010. The first edition was phenomenally successful (do take a look at the videos) and the event is back with a big bang.

This time, the event will have two prime tracks –

1. Inspire : Bring in some of the most interesting entrepreneurs (people who have been-there-done-that-and-are-still-doing-it) and have them share their journey with the audience. This is inline with the core thought behind UnPluGGd and we will continue to bring in the most inspiring entrepreneurs to you.

2. Innovate : Showcase the most promising technology Startups from India: The nomination process for startups has already started! [form link].

If you think your startup is among the best in India today, go ahead and fill up the details here and we would make sure you are on stage – being evaluated by the best and being seen by the top investors and early adopter community in India.

This would also be an opportunity to be interacting with your peers and getting to showcase the product that has been keeping you up at night. We have something special planned for those of you who don’t get to be on stage – but more on that later.

Important Dates

– Last Date for nomination is September 30th.

– 1st October to 15th October – Once we receive your nomination, we will work with you in defining the pitch, understand more about your business and connect you to the appropriate panel.

For any queries, please get in touch [,].

So go ahead and nominate your startup [form link] and be a part of the ‘Startup Oktoberfest’!Aside, this is also a request to share event details with fellow entrepreneurs who you think deserve to be at the event.

UnPluGGd – The Event for Entrepreneurs

Ah well, before you ask me, why another startup event?, here is the core philosophy behind the event:

  • Focus on Business – Over the last three years, we all have seen great products not going anywhere. Some of the companies who became the next hype, are now figuring out the survival route.
    Ofcourse, that’s how startups evolve, but if one does not focuses on business (rather, dhandha),  your kickass product will not go anywhere. And that’s easier said than done. It’s time we bring in these business/dhandha companies and have them share their experience/insights.
  • Serious entrepreneurs have stopped attending startup events in India. Serious entrepreneurs who care about their business are happily building their business and have stopped being part of the hype events.

At UnPluggd, we are bringing in startups who managed to build substantial business (they are not a startup anymore, but are small business) and have them share their insights/experience with the audience.

More details @ UnPluGGd website.


Date: March 6th, 2010 [9 AM – 6 PM]

Audience: Angels, VCs and Entrepreneurs.

Venue: Bangalore.


For any info, please feel free to email me [ashish at],

We have limited seats available and if you are interested, please grab your ticket now.

Introducing – Startup Ecosystem

Reaching out to Venturewoods community to share an update from

Am glad to introduce the Indian startup ecosystem – a neutral entity that serves as a platform for startups to connect to other startups/VCs/entrepreneurs etc.

We launched the startup directory around 5 months back and based on the feedback we received from users , we have revamped the entire site with the following:

Like any new launch, we are in the initial phases (theta mode!) and in the process of adding more data (more UGC, less editorial).

What we are essentially trying to do is to be the platform that connect startups across the country to help and benefit from each other – for instance, startups can share their updates/new launches, share resources (like office space) etc.

Request Venturewoods community to give the ecosystem a spin and share their feedback/comments.