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The next Facebook ?

Or a damp squib. This is a followup post to “is the time right” post. Three of us have got together as founders and are doing a smell test plus looking for a Chairman and COO. We are also following an open strategy instead of operating in the stealth mode. Interested. Then read more at […]

Time for Real VAS?

Update: Sep 16th 2011 – More detailed article here. With impending blockage of SMS spam from 27th September, and requirement of reconfirmation of subscription at every renewal, there is a potential for large scale shift in Mobile VAS. The two “facilities” mentioned above have led to a business model for VAS driven by push and […]

Is the time right ?

i am posting after a long time. I have been quite active with India Against Corruption and had a brainstorming session with some people in the US. One of the topics was to create a company that would be an rti resource centre which would make it easier for consumers and govt agencies to get […]