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Next frontiers in Online Travel

Online travel market has been one of the most exciting ones over past few years from a growth standpoint. Starting with IRCTC, and then followed up by Online travel agents (OTAs), this category has seen a decisive shift online. Amongst other things, it has also helped bring a large base of shoppers online, and demonstrated […]

Incubators – hot or not?

WSJ India Chief Mentor has an interesting article on incubators being an important engine of growth of entrepreneurship. It is an interesting observation, and makes me think about what will make these successful. Incubators have been known before to have an adverse selection problem. Simply stated, if an entrepreneur has an option to either get […]

Angel Funding Framework – some additional viewpoints

There is general consensus that entrepreneurship is on the rise in India, even though it is one of the most difficult propositions. Compared to their counterparts in other regions in the world, Indian entrepreneurs face more challenges that are ingrained in the social and economic conditions that are unique to India. One of the big challenges […]