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Rajat Gupta’s article: a classic

Dear readers, This is a nice article written by Rajat Gupta, former MD, McKinsey on “India needs more entrepreneurs”. A classic. Perhaps a little commercial on ISB but good reading: -Shiva Venkatraman

Survey for India-based startups

Hi everyone, I am doing some research on cultural differences in startup organizations across India, Japan and the US. If you have been involved with a startup which was started in India, please take this survey. I really appreciate it. If you were involved with a startup in the US, you can help me […]

DealFlow in India: What does it look like ?

Hi everyone, I am new to this blog. For a quick intro, I am a student pursuing the Sloan Fellows program in Innovation and Global Leadership at MIT ( and was most recently in a startup called AirTight Networks (, venture-backed, HQ-ed in Mtn Vw, CA and incubated entirely from India, where I ran Asia-Pac […]