Israel: Leader in Business Innovation

CNBC has this interesting video on what makes Israel business innovation tick

2 Responses to “Israel: Leader in Business Innovation”

  1. Krish says:

    Compulsory draft as a graduation to entrepreneurship. Their stint in the army helps them design survival strategies. Back into the world, they go to make great innovators because they know not only when to stand up and fight, but also when to leave the post and run.

    Sometimes when people trash your idea and ask questions for which you have no answers, it’s time to dump it and go down a different road.

  2. We as Indians all have lot to learn from Israel start ups why there are so successful. we need to cultivate a survival attitude among us – that we can survive whether VC are backing or not backing or the market is down or up. If can survive and work along for a long time period, then there no stopping….

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