Online vouchers – SaaS approach

Recently I was approached by some people who were interested in developing a software for the administration of their daily office work. They wanted it really cheap. Now these are the poeple who started using computers at their workplace recently. Now they have realized that a software can give them some advantage in the competition. In the coming years, many such small businesses would be willing to have such small and cheap software for their businesses. Most of these businesses would essentially be needing a software which can manage their bills/vouchers and provide a facility to all the accounting/end-of-day-settlement for their cash collection. Given the evolving nature of SaaS model and that avaialability of cheap softwares that SaaS model leads to, online voucher management system should be an attractive venture of near future.

After doing some research I could find that their are very few players in this line of bisiness. I’m not very sure of the size of the marketwe can see in future for such a busines but it would definitely be huge.

Has anyone here done any market research in this particular segment? Anyone on this forum has even a wild guess on what would be the size of such a market?

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  1. Suhas says:


    I think you are comparing with organges with apples here.
    Moreover, if there are thousands of people who need an excel macro (5 lines or smaller than that), it can turn into a business.

  2. Virat Khutal says:

    I have simply different view for this entire idea. We publish mobile games on Airtel and other operators. We have to short list device list with developer’s device list. It is something like filtering. In early case we use to do manual filtering. Then i wrote small 5 line excel macro, which speeded the entire process. Now i am asking what is size of this market. How to identify problem in first case. Forget about solution think about identification.

    Problem in India is deep rooted with understanding of technology. Millions of man hour could be saved by understanding how computer functions and by understanding real meaning of automation.

  3. shitij says:

    what about Tally
    small businesses everywhere are using it for simple tasks like vouchers etc.
    or it is something totally different

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