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Free To Innovate

I have been talking to lots of entrepreneurs about various business models to support innovation, especially in industries from which VCs are pulling out (Security, Networking, Chips, Enterprise Software, etc.). This article looks at a business model that offers an alternative framework to support innovation. Read my latest Forbes column, Free to Innovate, and the […]

Entrepreneurship Summit, IIT Mumbai

Date: 7th February, ‘09 Website: The Entrepreneurship Summit is a unique initiative by E-Cell, IIT Bombay which serves as a social forum for the Entrepreneurial Community. This year, the Summit aims at Empowering Entrepreneurs. Workshops at E-Summit 09 will emphasize on critical issues faced by entrepreneurs and start-ups at early stages of development and […]

Local Language Internet

There’s an interesting discussion on local language internet in India by Mahesh following IAMAI report on the same. Some perspectives on the same: Should there be local language internet – Absolutely! The power of internet lies in micro-segmentation, and there is no “need to dump Kannada” as Mahesh puts it. Is there a market on […]

State of Innovation – Perspectives

Bernard has a great article on state of innovation in India. Some thoughts on the same. The article speaks about the risk-reward equation being balanced – I beg to differ. Big still means safe. Its not a matter of reality but perception. Like capital, talent flights to safety in downturns – especially as the support […]

Business Plan showcase @ IIM Ahmedabad

IIM Ahmedabad is holding a B plan showcase event as part of the annual VC/PE conference Leverage 2009. Please read the detailed official announcement regarding the event. The rules pdf is with me, if anyone wants it let me know your email address and I will send it across to you. “Leverage 2009 – the […]