ESOP Successes – Quasar Crorepatis

Quasar has been kind to share some of the success stories on ESOPs – these employees made about 1 crore each when WPP acquired a majority stake in Quasar. Thanks to Quasar for sharing the same.

Deven Dharamdasani
Business Director
Age 29
Joined Oct-2004

Gopikaa Davar
Associate Director
Age 26
Joined Jun-2002

Manish Sinha
VP – Projects
Age 35
Joined Dec-2005

Piyush Rathi
Business Director
Age 32
Joined Feb-2006

Richa Burman
Creative Director
Age 31
Joined Mar-1999

Sandeep Singh
Business Director
Age 26
Joined Jun-2005

Vijay Singh
Director Finance
Age 32
Joined Apr-2000

Congratulations to all of the above. Hopefully, this will trigger other people to come out with their success stories!

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  1. OnMobile says:

    I was analyzing OnMobile IPO the other day. Check this out:

    I may be wrong here, but the company distributed close to 40% shares as ESOPs to 265+ employees with 45+ making more than 1 crore, 25+ making between 50 lacs & 1 cr, 80+ employees making more than 10 lacs but less than 50 lacs. This is based on 8th July’s price of 520. If you use the 52 week high price of 725, obviously the number goes up significantly.

    Hope this helps 🙂

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