I would like to introduce the Venturewoods community to is a product discovery and research tool for consumer electronics powered by online expert reviews.

Essentially, we analyze expert reviews to figure out what aspect/part of the product is the reviewer rating good or bad. We then use this information to create simple yet powerful comparison and recommendation interfaces to enable a more informed online shopping experience.

We also provide specification and pricing information from some of the leading online retailers.

I am Nishant Soni and am the founder at We are a small angel-funded startup based out of Gurgaon.

Hoping for some active criticism/feedback from the venturewoods community.

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  1. nishant says:


    Totally agree about user reviews.

    Our understanding is that user reviews are useful is specific areas (for ex. use cases of the product and other quirks which come out only after extended use) and not so useful in other areas (comparative ratings on important features – like image quality for cameras – because they tend to be too positive).

    Going forward we will definitly be looking at user reviews to include them into the mix.

  2. Vijay Anand says:


    First of all congrats. I also like your post cause it was concise and opened up for feedbacks, instead of long and boring *yawn* novels that people seem to write for introductions.

    Having known reviewgist for quite sometime now (I think it was a nominated company), the team has surely come a long way and have worked hard to deliver what they have currently. So definitely kudos from my side.

    That said, you are aiming to eat the pie that Mouthshut is holding onto, and even if you succeed at that, you need to stand where Mouthshut fell in terms of being able to scale and going mainstream. I agree with Jaspreet that being able to connect directly with store fronts, is one way to gain that edge.

  3. anand says:

    Assistance in making informed decisions without having to read through long reviews from various experts available at various sources is a useful feature for users.

    In my opinion, user reviews too play an important role in decision-making process. Would it be useful to have user reviews analyzed and shown along with the expert review scores?

  4. nishant says:

    Thanks Jaspreet.

    We do have an API (though not open for public consumption yet) , and are also working with a couple of online retailers to take ReviewGist directly to online store fronts.

  5. Jaspreet says:

    congrats for getting techcrunched.

    Is there an API which someone can use to power reviews on there websites using reviewgist ?

    With a growing Indian online retail space, have you tried with rediff, indiatimes, and other players. These guys don’t have any reviews on the websites.

    – J

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